16.03.2012 von benjamin

Adobe Lightroom 4 heute im UNIMALL Tagesdeal für nur 71,24 Euro¹

Das neue Lightroom 4 von Adobe günstig im UNIMALL Tagesdeal für unsagbar günstige 71,24 Euro¹.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Student and Teacher

Es ist neu, es ist heiss und bei UNIMALL super günstig. Nur heute im UNIMALL Tagesdeal gibt es das neue Adobe Lightroom 4 für wahnsinnige 71,24 Euro¹. Gegenüber Lightroom 3 gibt es zahlreiche Neuerungen und Verbesserungen.

Nicht lange warten und Adobe Lightroom 4 im Tagesdeal von UNIMALL sichern.

Wer keinen UNIMALL Tagesdeal mehr verpassen möchte, sollte unbedingt den News-Feed abonnieren.

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  1. Lydie says:

    Paul,I am an avid reader and keep up with all thgnis SK too. I do not have any other affiliation with him except as a NAPP member, daily commenting, and friend. I believe Scott will respond to your comment.In my opinion I have noticed in the last year or so a shift of some of Scott’s blog content to his other sites such as dtowntv.com (since its digital now, not Nikon) and PSusertv. I think much of what used to be here is now on SKtraining.com. I also remember Scott saying some time back that Brad was running this his Blog (or maybe part of it). I think he does a great job!In an attempt to help save us some money, Scott has been posting specials and deals on his blog, but he as always stated that he does not recieve compensation for this. I believe he is one Hell of a busy guy.That all said, I am interested to see what he says. I personally wish all commenters would put their websites in so I can view their work. I can say that this is the first blog I read in the morning and several times a day to see commenter’s remarks. My photography has improved so much since I became a NAPP member that its unreal!!

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